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Hidden Braces for Happier Results

Scott Orthodontics offers the ultimate solution for those seeking a discreet way to straighten their teeth: lingual braces.

Dr. Greg, Dr. Jon, and Dr. Karan are here to provide you with a hidden treatment that delivers remarkable results.

The Secret Behind Your Smile

Lingual braces stand at the forefront of orthodontic innovation. Uniquely positioned on the backside of your teeth, they harness the corrective power of traditional braces while remaining completely out of sight.

This strategic placement ensures that your path to a straighter smile is known only to you and our team.

By choosing lingual braces, you're embracing a modest treatment method that respects your personal and professional image.

Actualize Your Awesome Smile

Scott Orthodontics customizes your set of lingual braces to align with your distinct dental framework. The result? A highly effective and profoundly personal treatment.

These braces are designed to fit perfectly. They give you unparalleled comfort and assure optimal outcomes. Unlike traditional braces, they rest behind your teeth. So you needn’t worry about someone noticing you’re getting orthodontic treatment.

Lingual Braces Vs. Traditional Braces

Understanding the differences between lingual braces and traditional metal braces is key to making an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment.

Here's a closer look at what sets them apart:


Traditional braces and lingual braces both prove effective for your teeth. But we place them differently. Traditional braces are visible on the front of your teeth, making them noticeable during treatment.

In contrast, lingual braces are attached to the back side of your teeth, rendering them invisible from the front. This unique placement means you get similar amazing treatment without compromising how your smile looks from the outside.


Lingual braces maintain your natural appearance remaining hidden from view. They work behind the curtain. If you’re concerned about how you look, lingual braces will be your secret weapon.

Unlike traditional metal braces that can be seen every time you speak or smile, lingual braces offer an aesthetic advantage. They allow you to undergo treatment confidently without anyone knowing.

They work without you having to worry. You can go about your daily life and not have to give a second thought to your treatment.


Our team engineers lingual braces for comfort. They fit flush against the inner surface of your teeth. Initially, you may experience a slight adjustment period as your tongue adapts to the presence of braces.

However, their design minimizes irritation and interference with your talking and eating.

Over time, most patients find them just as comfortable as traditional braces, with the added benefit of being out of sight, making them a comfortable choice for comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Why Lingual Braces Could Be Right for You

Lingual braces stand out not just for their invisibility but also for the unique advantages they bring to your orthodontic treatment:

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Stealthy Straightening, Confident Smiling

Embrace the freedom to smile without hesitation during your treatment, thanks to the discretion of lingual braces from Scott Orthodontics. We place them behind your teeth to allow to let you feel more natural and less self-conscious.

Superior Results, Minimally Invasive Approach

Target a wide array of orthodontic challenges with lingual braces designed to realign your smile. They work out of view, so you can focus on you.

Comfort Meets Convenience

Enjoy an orthodontic experience that blends in with your daily life. With lingual braces, you won’t have the hassle of removable aligners and visible braces. Say goodbye to the visibility and discomfort of traditional braces.

Are Lingual Braces the Choice for You?

Lingual braces are the epitome of combining aesthetic appeal with effective treatment in your orthodontic journey.

They are particularly beneficial for you if you’re:

  • A working professional who aims to keep an impeccable image
  • Someone who prefers your orthodontic treatment to remain inconspicuous
  • Someone searching for a powerful yet subtle solution for straightening your teeth

Do you demand efficiency without sacrificing discreetness? Lingual braces from Scott Orthodontics offer an ideal solution for you if you want to keep their orthodontic progress a private affair.

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Ignite Your Invisible
Orthodontic Journey

Discover the power of lingual braces with Scott Orthodontics, where advanced technology meets personalized care. Don't compromise on your appearance for orthodontic treatment.

Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Gregory Scott, Dr. Jonathan Scott, or Dr. Karan Patel today at our Lakeland or Winter Haven locations. Uncover the potential of hidden braces and step confidently towards a beautifully aligned smile.