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A Strong Treatment for Stronger Teeth

Metal braces remain a cornerstone of orthodontic treatment at Scott Orthodontics. Dr. Greg, Dr. Jon, and Dr. Karan use these tried-and-true appliances. We are a 100% digital practice – no more sticky, gooey alginate impressions - ever!

Unveiling the Benefits of Metal Braces

Today's metal braces are far ahead of their predecessors. We use smaller, sleeker brackets and wires tailored to your specific dental needs. Our treatment method results in a faster, more effective, and more comfortable experience for you.

Accelerated Treatment Process

Fixed in place, metal braces tirelessly reshape your smile. As a bonus, they often reduce overall treatment time compared to removable options.

Metal braces work continuously, maintaining your efficient progress toward your perfect smile. They’re also super reliable, exerting consistent pressure for optimal alignment and quicker results.

Enhanced Comfort

Advances in orthodontic materials mean Scott Orthodontics' braces are far more comfortable than older models. We design modern braces to minimize irritation throughout your treatment. Contemporary brackets and wires fit better.

We intend for your journey to your new smile as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Personalized Style

Step into your individuality with various band colors, from vibrant hues to more subdued tones, allowing you to reflect your personal style or spirit. Metal braces at Scott Orthodontics now offer a fun way to make your orthodontic experience uniquely yours with customizable options.

The Anatomy of Metal Braces

Metal braces have several important components that work in harmony to align your teeth. Here’s a closer look at the elements that bring about your smile transformation:


Created from durable metals, these brackets are the anchors of your braces, each one meticulously placed by Dr. Greg, Dr. Jon, and Dr. Karan for optimal movement.

Bonding Agent

A special adhesive secures each bracket to your teeth, helping them stay put throughout your treatment journey.


This metal guide is the path your teeth follow to alignment — with adjustments made regularly to steer your smile in the right direction.

Colorful Ties

These small but mighty elastic bands hold the archwire in place and add a pop of personality to your braces to bring a little fun to your treatment.


These rubber bands fine-tune the position of your teeth and jaw, playing a crucial role in achieving the perfect bite.


Not everyone needs them, but these rings provide extra support for certain teeth or appliances within your braces setup.


These little rings make room for your bands by creating slight gaps between your teeth when needed.

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Questions Answered

Deciding on orthodontic treatment is a significant decision. Naturally, you'll have questions. Scott Orthodontics addresses your most pressing inquiries:

Meet Your Metal Solution

With Scott Orthodontics, you're not just getting metal braces. You're starting a journey to a brighter, more confident smile guided by expertise and personalized care. Our team is ready to make your dream smile come true.