InBrace Hidden Treatment | Lakeland & Winter Haven

Re-style Your Smile

Scott Orthodontics introduces InBrace, a superior orthodontic solution that aligns your smile from behind the scenes.

Unlike conventional braces that sit on the front of your teeth, Dr. Gregory Scott, Dr. Jonathan Scott, and Dr. Karan Patel expertly place these unique brackets on the back of your teeth for a discreet, effective treatment option.

Subtle Process, Significant Impact

InBrace hidden braces at Scott Orthodontics feature a tailor-made Smartwire that subtly shifts your teeth into place.

Developed with Gentleforce® technology and a state-of-the-art memory alloy, the Smartwire gives you an accurate alignment process without the need for regular office visits for adjustments (although we will miss you!).

Plus, its virtually undetectable nature allows for everyday eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing, all while your smile transforms unseen.

Understanding InBrace

The InBrace Smartwire uses state-of-the-art AI and sophisticated computer modeling. InBrace’s attributes place it at the forefront of orthodontic innovation.

This cutting-edge technology redefines your orthodontic experience by eliminating the need for monthly adjustments and the hassle of dealing with removable trays. As a result, you will enjoy an uninterrupted treatment journey with the added benefit of an almost invisible orthodontic device.

The Smartwire's special design offers you a comfortable fit and efficient tooth movement. InBrace paves the way for outstanding outcomes without the traditional drawbacks of braces or aligners. It makes your journey to a stellar smile both efficient and virtually unnoticed.

Lakeland Clear Aligners

Why InBrace?

The Customized Smartwire Moves Your Teeth With Gentleforce Technology

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Every InBrace Smartwire is personalized. Our orthodontists adjust it to sculpt your ideal smile uniformly and comfortably.

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Dr. Greg, Dr. Jon, and Dr. Karan design your Smartwires to apply consistent, gentle tension so that your treatment progress feels like it's on autopilot.

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InBrace’s technology ensures a smooth, practical path to your desired tooth positioning, guided by the precise plan set by our orthodontists.

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InBrace offers a bracket- and wire-free treatment experience. You needn’t have concerns about staining or the need for extensive cleaning routines associated with traditional braces or clear aligners.

Your InBrace Process

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Step 1: Toothprint™

We will use a detailed 3D model of your mouth's interior to design your Smartwire. You’ll have a customized fit and unmatched results.

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Step 2: CoDesign

You'll collaborate with our orthodontists to design your dream smile, which is then brought to life with your Smartwire.

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Step 3: Fitting

Our experts will fit our particular InBrace Smartwire behind your teeth, allowing you to showcase your natural smile right from the start.

Who’s InBrace For?

InBrace treats all types of malocclusions, from simple to complex cases, and Dr. Greg, Dr. Jon, and Dr. Karan can use InBrace to straighten your teeth without embarrassing wires or inconvenient aligners.

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Instant Confidence

You'll start seeing results as soon as two weeks. Get ready to love looking in the mirror—or any reflective surface for that matter (we won't judge!).


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Autopilot = More You Time

The InBrace Smartwire self-adjusts, meaning you enjoy fewer visits to our Lakeland and Winter Haven office(s) and a shorter overall treatment time.


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Eat Normally

With InBrace treatment at Scott Orthodontics, you can eat, drink, brush, and floss as you typically would.


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Sip Away

Start your day with your normal coffee or your favorite tea. With no aligners to remove, your InBrace treatment works in the background while you drink.

Discover If InBrace Is
Your Smile Solution

Scott Orthodontics is proud to offer InBrace the most discreet orthodontic option available. Your journey to an aligned smile could range from six to 30 months, depending on your needs.

Schedule your free consultation at Scott Orthodontics in Lakeland or Winter Haven to see if InBrace is your invitation to a new smile.